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Certification Matters

You are cordially invited to join us in one of the most exciting industries of the world. Why is it exciting? For many reasons. Those of us who work in this field do so for some of the following reasons:

We love that it's a global industry and that we meet people from all over the world.

Its an accomplishing job as we often feel we help people realise a dream holiday or a successful business trip plan.

It's an education, we are constantly learning something new, building our storehouse of knowledge and our professional career.

And lastly, we enjoy our own opportunities for personal travel, visiting parts of the world we might never visit if we were in another career.

If the above reasons appeal to you, then please join us on this career journey.


Prepare Yourself

In many years past, one might walk into a travel agency, an airline office, a hotel or other tourism company and find employment easily without previous training. Today travel related companies are more diversified, and preparing yourself is a good start to qualify and get internationally certified for some of the many varied position the travel industry offers.

Nothing builds credibility in a career brand more than establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Certification matters and it shows that you are committed to the Travel & Tourism industry in a professional way!

TRS Skills Academy is committed to the National mission to create Employability, through an Academia - Industry backed , Vocational Skills Educational program that offers the first ever international certification ,that has an industry developed curriculum, and is industry supported, industry recognised and industry accredited. The qualification certification is " by the industry for the industry"!

Employment in the Travel & Tourism Industry will be " Talent" driven!

We are ready to get you started in an incomparable field. Are you ready?......think about it. And make that decision to enter the Travel & Tourism industry.

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